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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Your Goals + Our Expertise

Financial Planning at HJN Advisors

Armed with over 70+ years of combined experience, our advisors tap into an extensive network of industry professionals to provide access to the resources you may need to help you succeed. As we move forward in helping you and your loved ones make healthy financial decisions about the future, we address your wealth and your needs using a thoughtful business approach.

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Our Holistic Financial Solutions Include

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Financial Planning

A good plan will provide an effective method for moving from point A to point B. A great plan, developed using experience and insight, accommodates and adjusts for the unknown variables life has to offer - loss of a job, death in the family, inheritance, etc. We’re proud to partner with our clients in establishing the tailored financial plan needed to progress toward their goals. We understand that things may not always go according to plan, and we help identify ways in which your family can stay on course.

Family Office Services

One of the most crucial aspects of managing family wealth is establishing rules and procedures for ongoing communication and governance. This is especially important as assets and business interests transfer from one generation to the next. While family wealth can take decades to accrue, it can be mismanaged and overspent in a fraction of the time if proper care is not taken. Our team facilitates family meetings and helps our clients establish a framework for managing family interests. This includes determining roles, responsibilities and procedures for conflict resolution.

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Risk Management

Your tolerance for risk is as unique to you as the clothes you wear. It’s a reflection of your specific timeline toward retirement and personal values. As your financial partner, we employ sophisticated, data-based modeling to help you make informed decisions regarding how you may want to approach and balance risk.

Tax Strategies

Both in your business and at home, taxes are an unavoidable expense - but that doesn’t mean we can’t work to minimize them. As your financial coordinator, we’ll work in tandem with your accountant or a CPA in our extended network to address your tax obligations year-round.

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Charitable Giving

If you’ve found you and your family have reached a certain level of financial success, it’s likely you’d enjoy giving back to organizations or foundations close at heart. As we develop and monitor your comprehensive financial plan, we can incorporate your personal values and devotion towards helping others into the rest of your financial goals. Working with our extended network of attorneys and trust advisors, we can also help develop an estate plan that encapsulates your desire to help others as a part of your lasting legacy.   

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