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We Thrive at the Intersection

Where Homegrown Values Meet Deep Industry Experience

When it Comes to Protecting Your Wealth,

You Want to Know There’s a Committed Partner on Your Side.


The term “fiduciary” is a common one in our industry. But at HJN Advisors, we take our fiduciary duty to heart. What does that mean for our clients? Being a fiduciary means that we work in your best interest when offering our financial planning expertise. We are ethically and legally bound to do so. Our actions, advice and strategies are intended to be in our clients' best interest - not ours.

“We strive to consistently deliver value to our client through our service model and business and personal financial guidance.”

About HJN Advisors

Our firm was founded over a decade ago, when Randall Hamilton and Matthew Juffer of the CPA firm Hamilton Juffer + Associates partnered with Ken Noyce of Noyce Capital Management in 2007.

The vision the founders of HJN Advisors had was to provide coordinated, integrated advice that coupled financial planning, tax strategy, estate planning and coalesce into a single source.  From HJN Advisors’ founding, the focus has been on innovation and strategic guidance in every client relationship. Our evolution is continuous, as the world gets faster and more hectic we bring our experience with a goal to deliver the confidence and comfort to you and your family.

While we are able to deliver advanced thought leadership as it relates to you and your family, we remain deeply rooted in our Mid-West heritage.  HJN is a reflection of you, and we are here to serve you.

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Today, We’re Proud to Offer Our Clients

  • Collaboration

    While you’ll be working one-on-one with our team of advisors, we’re proud to offer you access to an extensive network of industry specialists including CPAs, attorneys, trust advisors and more. Acting as your personal quarterback, we’ll take the lead in connecting and communicating between you and our other experienced financial partners.

  • Personalization

    There’s nothing more personal than your wealth - and that’s something we take to heart. With every client we work with, we strive to develop a deep, personal connection that becomes reflected in the advice given and strategies prepared. Our ongoing financial guidance goal will be offered in line with your needs today and goals for the future.

  • Midwestern Values

    While we’re proud of the caliber of products and solutions we’re able to offer our clients, we also understand the intimidation and stigma of Wall Street speak. That’s why we stay grounded in the Midwestern values we all grew up on. Our goal is to bring honesty, integrity and humility to everything we do. We strive to treat every client with the kindness, patience and respect we’d want someone to give to us.

Wondering if We’re Right For You?

Meet Our Team