Because Experience Matters


Family wealth is almost always built from business whether it’s a private company or a publicly traded Fortune 500 enterprise. So, it only makes sense that the best way to manage, maintain and even grow family assets is with a thoughtful, proven business approach.

At HJN Advisors, that is exactly what we provide Iowa entrepreneurs, executives and affluent families. Typically, one of the top concerns of clients—after managing accumulated wealth—is how to best transfer the business and/or assets to future generations, while minimizing conflicts and preserving value. Our family office services start with a living, breathing business process designed to help clients plan, evaluate, navigate and execute the strategies necessary to achieve long-term goals:

Discovery       →       Analysis       →       Solutions Design       →       Implementation       →       Monitor and Review

Armed with a collective 150+ years of experience, our HJN team taps into an extensive network of professional relationships with attorneys, trust advisors and financial experts to make sure you have all the resources you need to succeed.

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A good plan provides an effective method and path for getting from here to there. A great plan allows for the digressions, distractions and detours that make up life. At HJN, we partner with our clients to establish the plans they need—business, investment, estate, retirement and succession. We understand that things may not always go according to plan, and we help identify contingencies that will keep the family on course.

Family Governance

One of the most crucial aspects of managing family wealth is establishing rules and procedures for ongoing communication and governance. This is especially important as assets and business interests transfer from one generation to the next. Our team facilitates family meetings and helps clients establish a framework for managing family interests. This includes determining roles, responsibilities and procedures for conflict resolution.

Risk Management

Risk tolerance is as personal a choice and decision as selecting a wardrobe. At HJN, we employ sophisticated, data-based modeling to help clients make informed decision about how they want to approach and balance risk.

Portfolio and Asset Management

HJN places a premium on helping clients understand how their asset composition marries up with their objectives for growth, income, preservations and risk. Our modeling systems and reporting tools provide a visual and numerical picture. From there we make recommendations based on a matrix of factors including the appetite for risk, income requirements and long-term objectives. With regular monitoring and review, we can provide timely information about growth and progress while quickly alerting clients when external conditions trigger concerns.


Investment opportunities are as vast and diverse as ever in history. Sorting through the sheer volume of traditional and alternative investments requires time, expertise and knowledge. The HJN team is composed of professionals with experience in everything from U.S. Treasuries and corporate bonds to equities and private placements. We help you identify investments that best meet your objectives for today, tomorrow and beyond.